I loved every minute of our journey

April 15, 2009

The Ninja Turtle 25th anniversary Shell-Ebration Tour is going on, and I wanted to start a website looking back at the first 25 years of turtle power.  The idea was in the experimentation process with a website provider and site builder software called BlueVoda.  After rejecting the service, I switched to Webs.com, where I tinkered around a bit and came up with web development ideas to launch my Ninja Turtle website.  I didn't know what to call it.

April 18, 2009

It took a few days of playing around with Webs' features, and come up with a name.  Today I came up with the homepage, which came with an image of the Turtles 1987 cartoon logo and a welcoming message, along with links to monthly updates.

Ninja Turtles 25 Years was born.  Unfortunately, with it being a free account, I was only allowed ten pages includes the homepage. So I put all contents of each Ninja Turtle title onto single pages, which looked horrible.

May 1, 2009

The Ninja Turtles stopped off on their Shell-Ebration Tour here in Chicago, and I went down to the city to check it out.  Along the way to Navy Pier, I took shots of the city, including my favorite building.

Once I got there, I saw the Turtle Van museum along with just two of the Turtles: Leonardo (who I idolize) and Michelangelo (who I have no opinion on).  While there, I met up with a die hard Turtle fan from Michigan along with her three friends, and we sat in a circle and talked Turtle all day. 

I even took more pictures of the event, but unfortunately, somehow, I don't know how, but those images are gone forever. I was upset.

There was also a martial arts show where children of a local suburban dojo did a karate show representing each of the Turtles.

June 29, 2009

After a month of construction of Ninja Turtles 25 Years, I decided to construct another website, but a Resident Evil theme. It was (I say "was" because it's not active now) called Resident Evil Umbrella.  Each day, I would alternate of which site I would work on.  Just like with Ninja Turtles 25 Years, Resident Evil Umbrella had to be just single pages because I was limited to just ten back then.

July 2009

After just a few months of being online, Webs developed some site features that I was able to take advantage of to help me make a dream site.  Back then, they had something called Web Credits which you can purchase and put it towards premium package features.  Since I didn't need all the features that comes with even the basic premium package, I decided to add these web credits to my free account. The features I bought were unlimited pages, extra storage and bandwidth.  After unlocking the unlimited pages, my idea was to eliminate single pages and put all my content from those pages and split them up into their own webpages. However the only page that still has the old single page content is the main page for the 2003 TV series, where I (2015) last left off.  The single page version of this site only took me a few months of long hours daily, but I knew that by having limitless pages and a large load of content per Ninja Turtle title, building this site would be a serious project that would take years.

August 2011

The site was introduced to Widgets. The most popular one I used was a page counter.  Pages had a number at the bottom showing how many visitors came to the pages as of 2011.

Summer 2014

After years of putting all the content from those single pages into their own pages, Webs came up with another feature for me to take advantage of.  Unfortunately, this would eliminate being able to use free web credits that was used to build the mega Ninja Turtle site here.  Webs came up with SiteBuilder 3.0, which included all new modules and features that was not available in the old SiteBuilder.  I opened up a dummy site that I used just for experimenting website features, settings and modules.  Tinkering around with it for a week, I started to come up with some possibilities to make Ninja Turtles 25 Years and Resident Evil Umbrella stronger and more fun to play around in.  I took a risk with my years of hard work by upgrading to the SiteBuilder 3.0 and I went back to work.  Now pages have buttons instead of worded page links; YouTube videos of TV episodes, trivia facts, TV bloopers and other bonus features; soundtracks; verbal character introductions in profile pages, and more.

October 2014

For a while I have been focusing more on my Resident Evil Umbrella site, and this month and year is when that site met its doom.  Webs was giving me all kinds of hell whenever I inserted images, and they weren't showing up.  I was very frustrated and kept messaging Webs that there's a problem with image inserts to the point I was acting like a total shit to them.  They took down Resident Evil Umbrella stating that they will give it back to me if I either pay for one of their premium packages, or delete all but ten pages to my free account.  What the hell?!  They gave me the ability to build my sites for free with those web credits and just because they no longer use it with the SiteBuilder 3.0, they took it down.  I don't how Ninja Turtles 25 Years managed to survive, and Resident Evil Umbrella was shut down.  I announced that Resident Evil Umbrella is gone, but might come back in the future.  For a while I decided to stay away from Webs, leaving Ninja Turtles 25 Years incomplete.

June 2015

I decided to return to Ninja Turtles 25 Years to do some site updates, hoping that those Webs glitches were solved.  I fixed up pages that looked bad after converting from SiteBuilder 2.0 to 3.0.  Then I decided to play around with some site modules I didn't use before to create more quality pages.  I finished up the 1987 TV series, the movies and the video games.  Web links are now buttons instead of blue worded page links.  I decided to lift the restrictions that applied to members to view video or audio content so that everyone can view them.  I had a neat idea from before and now Webs has given me the green light to do it and that is to use the audio feature to have each character introduce themselves in their own voice in their profile pages.  After trying it out on Leonardo's page, I loved it, and decided to go through with it on all major characters.

February 2016

After being dedicated to improving the site for the last several months, I decided to take a break and pursue other things with my life, leaving off with episode 66 of the 2003 TV series. Only time will tell when I decide to come back to continue on the site construction which so far has taken me 7 years to finish.  Yeah, 7 years; that's how big this site is and a lot when into it, including Webs.com setbacks.

August 7, 2016

Being out of the picture for the past six months looking for work, and working on losing weight (not easy), I decided to play around on my experiment dummy site after getting some business ideas.  I noticed in the past several months, Webs has some new modules, including this timeline module I'm using to create this page.  I played around with the timeline, features, services, team, footer, menu, quote and contact modules to see what I can do with them.  So I decided to return to Ninja Turtles 25 Years to create pages using them, which includes this page with this timeline module.  So it looks like on my free time, when I'm not working out, bike riding or going out to the bar for Friday fish fry and a Coors Light, I might be deciding to return to Ninja Turtles 25 Years to continue further construction of this site.

One other reason I decided to come back is because I wanted to continue playing around with website features because I'm planning on a possible SEO .com business after summer is over.  I also want to work on creating phone apps with Pokémon Go technology.  If you want to learn about business and how to achieve real money-making success, go on YouTube and look up Alex Becker, entrepreneur and book author.